Kadi's Dog Grooming salon opened in June 2012.

We welcome every big and small, fluffy and smooth dog and ofcourse their owners.

Those who wait for their dog to get washed and pampered, can relax in our cozy lounge with fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Our self-service clients can make full use of our professional dog bath that makes washing any dog easy, comfortable and safe. They can also use our superpowerful dog dryer Metro Master Blaster and professional shampoos and grooming tools.

Kadi-Liis Säre who established and is managing the grooming salon, is already known for her thorough and very detailed grooming. She started with dogs back in 1998 as a Junior Handler and by now she has experience with over 100 different breeds.

"I love every dog, every each one of them is a sweet soul and I couldn't care less if it's pure or mixed breed. I love them all. As a groomer it's especially rewarding to groom dogs in desperate need of help. I know, often owners are asahmed that their dog's coat is in such a bad condition but that's why we are there - to help! I love challenges and greet gladly anyone who wants to come to us!"

                                                                                             - Kadi-Liis -

Groomer, Maaria Viirsalu about herself:

" Dogs have always been big part of my life but it became a lifestyle after I got my first St Bernard in 2006.  Ever since dogs have had biggest part of my life.
In 2009 I had oppertunety to go to Switzerland to practice in dog boarding kennel/ training center / grooming salong. In 2013 I worked in Italy as a dog trainer/ handler.
I own a kennel Dior Talent, wich is a home for St Bernard and two Pharaoh Hounds.
Besides dogs photography has big part of my life."
My motto is: " It is not all about work. It is about passion, commitment and quality time."